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Susan Sciacca


Susan Sciacca is the creator and CEO of How to SaaS, a Marketing Strategy Consulting firm that works with major Private Equity Investors and CEOs. Susan has advised numerous B2B enterprises in establishing millions of dollars in market value through marketing and demand creation as an advisor, consultant, and fractional CMO.

After earning her MBA at the Rotman School of Management in Toronto, Susan went on to receive a master’s in Marketing and Communication from the University of Toronto. The degree assisted her in starting out in SaaS and marketing. She used to work with some of the industry’s major players, gaining expertise and practical knowledge about B2B marketing.

Susan was the CMO of Apricot Marketing, which was acquired by Personify and Rubicon Technology Partners in October 2019 and subsequently spun off to Pamlico Capital in August 2020.

She has significant expertise in Account-Based Marketing, Pipeline Generation, Marketo, Sales Development & Inside Sales, and Salesforce.com. Her clients’ millions of dollars in B2B marketing revenue have been attributed to her skills in ROI analysis, Marketing Attribution, LinkedIn Ads, Google AdWords, Online Retargeting, Google Analytics, Lead Flow management and campaign optimization.



CEO of How to SaaS

According to Susan, you should not be defined by the achievements and momentum of others. She thinks that doing what you do best and what you’re most comfortable with is the way to go. According to her, it’s up to you to decide how fast and big you want your business to grow.

Susan also offers an online course called Post-Acquisition Marketing: How to Generate Enterprise Value in 100 Days or Less. This lesson teaches all entrepreneurs and company founders how to increase their portfolio investments more quickly.

She resides in Miami with her husband and two children. Susan also has two Golden Retrievers that she adores. She enjoys going on hikes, browsing at local thrift shops, and listening to podcasts as hobbies. Susan is of Canadian heritage, but she prefers South Indian and North Indian cuisine and her favorite holiday destination is Paris, France.